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Version history

Version 23: best of v2 and v3

Calkulate v3 went too far overboard with the OO approach and ended up being very slow and overly complex behind the scenes as a result. Calkulate v23 therefore mashes together the best bits of v2 and v3 for the ultimate alkalinity solving experience.


Adds solvers for titrations with an H2SO4 titrant.

23.1.0 (29 March 2021)

Changes in v23.1.0

  • Add solvers for titrations with an H2SO4 titrant (see optional titrant column in the metadata contents).
  • Added optional titrant_density column to overwrite the internally calculated titrant density with a user-specified value.


23.0.2 (15 March 2021)

Changes in v23.0.2

  • Better handling of missing dates in files imported with read_dbs.
  • Minor adjustments and bug fixes in a few internal functions.

23.0.1 (25 February 2021)

Changes in v23.0.1

  • Print more informative error messages when titration data files cannot be found.
  • Use read_dat_genfromtxt by default if read_dat_method not recognised, instead of throwing an error.

23.0.0 (22 February 2021)

Introduction of v23.0.0

  • Object-oriented syntax from v3 is available to quickly work with datasets of many titrations at once.
  • Underlying functions work much faster with raw NumPy arrays as in v2.
  • Some basic plotting functions added.

Version 3: poorly Pythonic

Calkulate v3 switches to an object-oriented approach. This makes working with individual titrations and handling large collections of them much less cumbersome.

PyCO2SYS is now used to determine equilibrium constants and estimate total salt concentrations from salinity, instead of replicating those functions in Calkulate.


3.1.0 (27 October 2020)

Changes in v3.1.0

Major bug fix

  • Fixed unit conversion bug when evaluating equilibrium constants in PyCO2SYS. All results calculated using v3.0.X should be redetermined!

Better consistency with PyCO2SYS

  • Updated for compatability with PyCO2SYS v1.6.0.
  • Added two optional extra alkalinity components.
  • Renamed various internal variables for better consistency.


3.0.1 (23 September 2020)

Changes in v3.0.1

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug in handling data["file_good"] = False cases.
  • Set DIC to zero where its value is NaN.
  • Skip over errors in titration files with a warning rather than throw a breaking error.

3.0.0 (15 September 2020)

Release notes for v3.0.0

  • Introduces object-oriented approach in which most Calkulate functions are extensions to pandas DataFrames.
  • Uses PyCO2SYS to evaluate all equilibrium constants and salt concentrations from salinity and temperature.

Version 2: Python

Calkulate v2 transitioned from MATLAB to Python and added several additional alkalinity solvers. Despite being implemented in Python, the style was still rather MATLAB-esque.

Version 1: MATLAB

The original Calkulate v1 was a MATLAB implementation of the "half-Gran" alkalinity solver described by H15. The final version (v1.0.2) remains freely available.